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A new game of Spider.

Spider, often referred to as "Spider Solitaire," is a puzzle video game developed and published by Microsoft and first released in the Microsoft Plus! 98 add-on for Windows 98 on 1998-06-25. It is a video game version of the card game spider solitaire and one of many Microsoft card games. An updated version was included with Windows Me which introduced the difficulty setting by adding more suits and moved the status bar onto the green play field. A final update was made for Windows XP. When Windows Vista was released, the game was completely remade as Spider Solitaire.


I remember seeing this game in Windows XP, learning how to play it, and beating the single suit mode several times.

I own a copy of Windows XP, so I also own this game.


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Best Version: Windows XP

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game is a nice bare-bones version of spider solitaire.
  • The ending fireworks animation is quaint.


  • I know they don't show up often, but why aren't we allowed to change the card backs?


  • The game is multimedia-challenged: although it uses the 256-color Windows palette, it still doesn't have any music, and only a couple unique sounds.





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