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  • ...ollage - Favorite Video Games.png|thumb|512x512px|A collage of my favorite video games.]] ...y favorite games broken out by their genre. See also my [[list of favorite video games by year]].
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  • ...SCUMM]] engine, it doesn't use the typical verb-object control scheme. The game also came with an audio drama which gave backstory to the world. ...copy of the MCGA CD version and beat that one as well. I really loved the game and thought it told a very clever and creative story. I was, as expected, a
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  • ...d by [[Bullfrog Productions]] and published by [[Electronic Arts]] for [[MS-DOS]] in 1994. You control a wizard who rides on a magic carpet and uses mag ...inning of each new world. Years later I made an effort to try and beat the game entirely, and beat the first 25 worlds, then went on to beat a large portio
    5 KB (782 words) - 15:06, 24 August 2020
  • ...collecting mana. There are many spells to learn and 50 worlds to save. The game introduces new spells, monsters, and two new environments, night time world I own a Windows copy of this game on CD, and have beaten it.
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  • [[Image:HuniePop - W32 - USA.jpg|thumb|256x256px|Multi-platform world release.]] The more gifts you buy them, and the better you do in the matching game, the more they fall for you and send you pornographic pictures until you ev
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  • ...[[Ren'Py]]. The game is set in 1988 and you play a lone hacker who uses pre-Internet Bulletin Board Systems to uncover a conspiracy and find love. ...ranked on JayIsGames. After beating it, my overall feel was an unfinished game that could have been a better with a lot more polish.
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  • ...n 3-D - DOS - Screenshot - E1M1 Start.png|thumb|256x256px|''[[Wolfenstein 3-D]]'' is one of the first FPSes with free movement and textured walls.]] ...y popular, primarily because of [[id Software]] releasing ''[[Wolfenstein 3-D]]'' and ''[[Doom]]''.
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  • ...and play styles. There is also a [[:Category:Video Game Genres|video game genre category]]. | [[Action (video game genre)|Action]] || Games which require fast reflexes. || ''[[Combat]]'', ''[[Vang
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  • ...sure Suit Larry'' series]]. This particular title includes jacks or better video [[poker]], [[blackjack]] (with surrendering and doubling), and a [[slot mac ...Software Picks'' series that I tried. As expected, it was just a gambling simulator and nothing else. I tried a few times to amass the $10,000 needed to break
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  • [[Image:SimAnt - DOS - Screenshot - New Game.png|thumb|256x256px|Simulating ant colonies in ''[[SimAnt]]''.]] popular, especially with flight simulators and battle reenactments. The genre has since expanded to the point where even very specific processes, as well
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