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  • ...vinces average guy Robert to be her partner, in an attempt to get into the pictures with the prize money, but she's unable to pretend she doesn't hate the worl ...liked it, then, when she was selling some of her old books, I found a copy of this in her pile and expressed an interest in reading it. She gave me the b
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  • ...e series. This got me into it, and I became a fan. I've since read all the books. ...ageways, dangerous monsters, etc. It's all fresh here, unlike in the later books where it becomes more formulaic.
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  • '''''Wishful Drinking''''' is a collection of the memoirs of [[Carrie Fisher]] first published on 2008-12-02. ...he desire to explain to Carrie how frequently they masturbated to pictures of her.
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  • ...outer space. A massive media craze ensues, as scientists try to make sense of the message and governments and religions demand to control the project. apprehension, not believing an astronomer could write a compelling work of fiction, but I quickly found myself really being drawn into the book and lo
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  • sell matches in the dead of winter. It has been adapted into many types of media and acts as inspiration for many more. ...ey)|Disney animated short]] which was very powerful, and I was fully aware of what was going on this time.
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  • '''''Story of Yars' Revenge''''' is a children's "read along" book and album published by ...' heard on other [[Atari]] "read along" dramas and then a dramatic reading of the comic book that came with the game read by [[Peter Fernandez]].
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  • ...8) was an American artist most popular for his illustrations in children's books, and, to a lesser extent, a writer. ...the books written by [[Margaret Wise Brown]], and various other children's books, though I didn't always recognize his work.
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  • [[Image:Choose Your Own Adventure - 1 - Cave of Time, The - Mass Market - USA.jpg|thumb|256x256px|A book from the ''[[Choos books are designed to be solitary endeavors for a single reader. Game books date back to the 1930s and peaked in America in the early 1980s. They saw a
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  • ...remained popular and was eventually the old books were re-printed and new books were added to the series by various authors. ...ks. In the early 2000s, I was at a used book shop and found several of the books for sale, including the first book that I had missed out on. I bought all t
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  • ...Game Book Collection.jpg|thumb|256x256px|A collection of role-playing rule books.]] is ''[[Dungeons and Dragons]]'', hundreds of others exist for all sorts of different settings including [[science fiction]], westerns, historic, and m
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  • [[Image:Trees of Michigan - Field Guide - Paperback - USA.jpg|thumb|256x256px|US paperback.] ...s. Each tree has a large photo of its leaves, and, in most cases, pictures of the bark, fruit, and flowers. Facts for each tree are given including its t
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  • [[Image:Tips & Tactics - Legend of Zelda, The - Paperback - USA.jpg|thumb|256x256px|Cover.]]
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