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  • ...eloped and published by [[Nintendo]] on the [[Super Nintendo Entertainment System|SNES]] on 1991-11-21. It is the third release in the [[The Legend of Zelda * The story is a big jump up from previous games, and the frequent interactions with NPCs early in the game keep it flowing
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  • ...h my own skill (and maybe a little help from a hint book). I don't include games beaten with any cheats or save states, however, if I did beat a game with c ...tegorized list of the games I've beaten, see [[:Category:Games I've Beaten|Games I've Beaten]].
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  • ...developed and published by [[Square]] and released on 1992-12-06 for the [[Super Famicom]]. It is the fifth game in the ''[[Final Fantasy (universe)|Final F ...g it. I played the game about half way through and enjoyed it, but the job system was very difficult for the completionist in me to take, and I became bored
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  • how to build it, so they're trying to resurrect him. Allied forces sent Super Joe to infiltrate them, but he was captured, so you play Captain Rad who mu ...your become good at it, you'll not only love it, but wish for it in other games as well.
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  • # [[Super Breakout]] ** [[Graham's Games]]
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  • ** [[The System of the World]] by [[Neal Stephenson]] * [[The Player of Games]] by [[Ian M. Banks]]
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  • The '''Game Boy''' is a handheld [[video game console]] created by [[Nintendo]] and first sold in Japan on 1989-04-21 and in the USA three months later. ...d me from getting more games for the NES (though, I did buy a lot of trash games on the NES too).
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  • ...laying game]] by [[Square]] released on the [[Super Nintendo Entertainment System|SNES]] on 1994-04-02. It is the sixth game in the [[Final Fantasy (universe ...was released. I would go over to his house almost every day to play video games with him. He had rented the game the day before and already had Terra, Lock
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  • [[Image:Super Mario World - SNES - USA.jpg|thumb|256x256px|North American box art.]] ...ainment System|SNES]] on 1990-11-21. It is the fourth ''[[Mario (universe)|Super Mario Bros.]]'' game and the first on the SNES. In the game, Princess Peach
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  • ...]]. The original release features Mike Tyson as the final boxer, but after Nintendo's license expired, Tyson was replaced by Mr. Dream in subsequent releases. I saw Mike Tyson even before Super Macho Man thanks to a password from Nintendo Power. The first time I fought him I was blown away at how hard he was and
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  • ...endo]]. It was first released in 1983 in Japan and in America in 1985. The system uses a Ricoh 2A03 processor which is a modified [[MOS 6502]] with an integr ...ound 1987 at my baby sitter's house. They played ''[[Karate Champ]]'', ''[[Super Mario Bros.]]'', and I think, ''[[Popeye (video game)|Popeye]]''. As I watc
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  • ...of the [[Metroid|original NES game]] using an engine closer to that of ''[[Super Metroid]]'' rather than the original. I recommend this games as the entry point to the [[Metroid (universe)|''Metroid'' series]]. It sol
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  • [[Image:Super Mario Bros. - NES - USA.jpg|thumb|256x256px|North American box art.]] ...nds the burgeoning [[Mario (universe)|Mario universe]] and begins the new "Super" series within it. In the game, the Mushroom Kingdom has been taken over by
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  • ...ime. Nearly all of my gaming is currently done on PCs, not just playing PC games, but through emulating consoles. * [[Action versus adventure video games]]
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  • [[Image:Super Metroid - SNES - USA.jpg|thumb|256x256px|''[[Super Metroid]]'' was an especially popular title in the franchise.]] ...mes as well. The series has appeared in several manga, and elements of the games have appeared in television shows.
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  • ...several other Nintendo franchises. The dog and duck later showed up in ''[[Super Smash Bros. 4]]''. ...ES Action Set around 1988 which came with a [[Super Mario Bros. multicarts|Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt]] multicart and a [[Zapper]]. One day, just to see
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  • ...the [[Nintendo Entertainment System|NES]], [[Super Nintendo Entertainment System|SNES]], [[Game Boy]], [[Genesis]], and [[Game Gear]]. hacking NES games], though, I now use the actual hex codes rather than the encoded Game Genie
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  • ...SA on 1991-08-23. Under the hood, it is nearly identical to the Japanese [[Super Famicom]] which was released almost a year earlier. The SNES CPU is the [[R ...mazing games. This was also the time in my life when I was most into video games.
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  • [[Image:Super Mario Bros. 2 - NES - USA.jpg|thumb|256x256px|North American box art.]] ...ult for American players. Instead, Nintendo took their 1987 [[Famicom Disk System]] game, '''''Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic''''', and changed some of the graph
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  • ...e that has become the biggest video game empire in history. It has spawned games, television shows, movies, comic books, even breakfast cereals. ...jump on the goombas. Suffice to say, I didn't get very far. I later saw ''Super Mario Bros.'' on my baby sitter's NES and though the game was really cool.
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