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  • '''''Back to the Future''''' is a [[time travel]] action film release on 1985-07-03. [[Category: Movies]]
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  • '''''Jurassic World''''' is an action suspense film starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard released in the * I really don't like movies where innocent people are killed for no reason. When the pterosaurs escaped
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  • ...rly, it ruins the whole story (like nearly all of [[M. Night Shyamalan]]'s movies). If a character who has been warm and caring suddenly becomes a psychopath ..., and additional details should unfold with the game in proper pacing with action.
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  • ...(I later learned that this was mostly an urban legend). I remember seeing movies and remakes of the source material, and, knowing it was an influential stor ...this book. The story would have been much better if it were written as the action unfolded.
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  • ...]] and released nationally in theaters on 2017-03-17. It is a sort-of live-action remake of their animated rendition of [[Beauty and the Beast (Disney)|Beaut [[Category: Movies]]
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  • ...first saw it in the arcades in the late 1980s because I loved high fantasy movies. Tyris' fantastic fire spirit magic (which reminds me of the ghost from ''[ [[Category: Video Game Prime Order - Action, Adventure, Strategy]]
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  • '''''The Goonies''''' is an action adventure film and the beginning of the [[The Goonies (universe)|''The Goon [[Category: Movies|Goonies, The]]
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  • * There is a lot of action throughout the whole film. ...ons by Potter are used throughout the film, and even copied in some of the action shots.
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  • ...d in New York and founded in 1970. They initially became popular producing action figures. In 1985, [[MCA]], wanting more control over toys made from their m ...things I thought looked like they would be fun. I never bought any of LJNs action figures, and I, thankfully, never purchased an LJN game, but I did rent or
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  • ...the cover which shows Kaneda near his red bike. I always assumed it was an action biker movie, and, when I finally watched it, I was surprised that it was mu ** Colonel Shikishima is the badass military man who gets right up in the action without flinching and never even attempts to defend himself, yet somehow al
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  • [[Category: Movies]] [[Category: Animated Movies]]
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