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Title screen.

Sopwith is an airplane shooter game developed by David L. Clark and published by BMB Compuscience in 1984 for DOS. An updated release was published in 1986, and the author released a special edition in 2000.

When I first played this game, it was titled "Red Baron" and was included in a shovelware release by Keypunch Software. Their version was identical to the original release, just re-titled and had the multiplayer removed since it used a patented protocol.


Each version of this game has since been released as freeware. I have beaten the original Sopwith in single player mode, but not the 1986 upgrade or the Author's Edition.


  • Overall: 3/10
  • Best Version: DOS


  • For the time, the game is pretty cool. You can make permanent craters in the landscape with your bombs, have a dogfight with an AI opponent, and bomb enemy targets.
  • The upgrades in the later editions are pretty cool and increase the challenge.


  • The game is graphically challenged and lacks decent audio.
  • The AI is extremely difficult due to its suicidal nature.
  • The multiplayer uses a proprietary system that is no longer supported, so it remains unplayable.


  • There just isn't much to this game. Even with the updated versions, you see everything the game has to offer after about a minute.



  • Download - All versions and source code.