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Microsoft Solitaire - WIN3 - Screenshot - About.png

Windows 3 - Screenshot - About.

Developer Microsoft
Publisher Microsoft
Published 1990-05-22
Platforms Windows, Windows 3
Genres Cards, Casual, Passive puzzle, Puzzle, Single-screen
Series Microsoft Card Games
Distribution Commercial

Microsoft's Solitaire is a video card game developed by Wes Cherry and published by Microsoft along with Windows 3 on 1990-05-22. It is a video game version of the card game Klondike solitaire and one of many Microsoft card games. Versions of the game were included with every release of Windows until Windows Vista which featured a completely rewritten version.


Own?Yes. I own several versions each with a different version of Solitaire.
Won?Yes. Standard and Vegas modes.
FinishedEarly 2000s.

I first played Microsoft's Solitaire around 1991 on my uncle's computer. I beat standard mode then, and many times after that. I didn't try to beat the Vegas mode until the early 2000s.


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Best Version: Windows XP

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • It includes several options to make the rules less strict, like only drawing one card and undoing the previous move. There is also an even more difficult Vegas mode if you want to see how far you can get into the hole.
  • The ability to change the card backs is cool, although, several backs are pretty terrible looking.


  • Even after Windows was running at 16 and 24-bit color by default, the game still used a 16-color palette.


  • The game is media-challenged. The graphics are bare minimum, there is no animation (aside from the ending), it lacks music entirely, and the only sound effects it has are the default OS sounds.


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