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Google Play Store icon. is a variation of the traditional Snake game developed and published by Steve Howse for Web browsers and iOS on 2016-03-25. Like a traditional snake game, you grow longer as you eat food, and die if you touch another snake's body. Unlike traditional snake games, you can touch your own body, and when an opponent dies, they become food. The game was made for the browser and touch screen devices, the browser version is vastly superior.


I first heard about when a friend was playing it during a road trip to MAG Fest 2016. Having gotten tired of the snake genre of games twenty years earlier, I wasn't very interested. I tried it awhile later and found it to be an interesting take on the old standard, but still got bored with it pretty quickly.

The game is free and it cannot be beaten.


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Best Version: Browser (with a mouse)

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • Being able to increase your speed while sacrificing your length is a nice strategical addition.
  • I like that you can pick different snake body types, but they missed the boat by not making them earnable.


  • Relying on a touch screen means you will never have decent control over your movements. The developers tried improving control with variant styles, but they all have faults. The browser version uses a mouse cursor control which is a bit easier to work with, but still not very intuitive.


  • The lag from wireless devices pretty much makes the game unplayable online unless you have a fantastic connection.


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