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The Sim logo used from 1992-1998.

The Sim universe was started by video game designer Will Wright with the creation of SimCity, first published on 1989-02-02, and has been expanded upon by dozens of titles. The series was published by Maxis until 1997 when, after several poor releases, the company was bought by Electronic Arts. The series saw a revitalization with The Sims and SimCity 4, but came under heavy scrutiny when the online-only 2013 release of SimCity was made unplayable due so many technical failures.


Throughout the 1990s, I was a very big fan of the Sim series of games, as were many of my friends, and, together, we owned most of the titles. The last Sim games I played in earnest were released in the early 1990s, but I stopped caring about the series in the mid-1990s, and SimTower was the last game I was really interested in. My favorite original release from the series is SimCity 2000, but my favorite port is SimCity for the SNES. The controls couldn't use a mouse, which hindered it a little, but the hugely upgraded graphics and music more than make up for it, and the gamification with rewards, levels (scenarios), and a form of ending (freespace), really makes it more enjoyable.


Video Games

This is a list of all the games released in the Sim universe until 2000.

Released Title Notable Platforms
1989-02-02 SimCity Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Macintosh Classic, MS-DOS, Windows 3
1990-??-?? SimEarth Amiga, Macintosh Classic, MS-DOS, SNES, Windows 3
1991-??-?? SimAnt Amiga, Macintosh Classic, MS-DOS, SNES, Windows 3
1991-04-26 SimCity SNES
1992-??-?? SimLife Amiga, Macintosh Classic, MS-DOS, Windows 3
1993-??-?? SimFarm Macintosh Classic, MS-DOS, Windows 3
1993-??-?? SimCity 2000 Amiga, Game Boy Advance, Macintosh Classic, MS-DOS, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Saturn, SNES, Windows 3
1994-??-?? SimHealth MS-DOS
1994-11-?? SimTower Macintosh Classic, Saturn, Windows 3
1995-??-?? SimIsle Macintosh Classic, MS-DOS, Windows 3
1995-??-?? SimTown Macintosh Classic, Super Famicom, Windows, Windows 3
1996-??-?? SimGolf Windows
1996-??-?? SimCopter Windows
1996-??-?? SimTunes Windows
1996-??-?? SimPark Macintosh Classic, Windows, Windows 3
1997-??-?? Streets of SimCity Windows
1998-03-04 SimSafari Macintosh, Windows
1999-01-31 SimCity 3000 Macintosh, Windows
2000-01-31 The Sims GameCube, Macintosh, PlayStation 2, Windows
2000-02-23 SimCity 64 Nintendo 64



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