Sheer Heart Attack

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Sheer Heart Attack is the third studio album by Queen. It was released on 1974-11-01 on vinyl and produced by Queen and Roy Thomas Baker. The album uses strong glam rock and progressive rock themes with an over all hard rock sound. This is the last album to contain Freddie's mythical rock songs, all subsequent albums feature songs with more secular themes.

This is the very first album I ever bought for myself with my own money, and remains one of my favorite albums ever. Every time I hear songs off this album I think of playing the game Diablo and Doom II: Hell On Earth because I would listen to the album while playing those two games. While many of the songs make me think of various areas of each game, two songs in particular remind me of two specific areas of the game. "Now I'm Here" reminds me of level 12 in Doom II and "She Makes Me" reminds me of Tristram in Diablo.

Track Listing

Track Title Writer(s) Vocals
A1 Brighton Rock Brian May Freddie Mercury
A2 Killer Queen Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
A3 Tenement Funster Roger Taylor Roger Taylor
A4 Flick of the Wrist Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
A5 Lily of the Valley Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
A6 Now I'm Here Brian May Freddie Mercury
B1 In the Lap of the Gods Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
B2 Stone Cold Crazy Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon Freddie Mercury
B3 Dear Friends Brian May Freddie Mercury
B4 Misfire John Deacon Freddie Mercury
B5 Bring Back That Leroy Brown Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury
B6 She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos) Brian May Brian May
B7 In the Lap of the Gods… Revisited Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury

Song Rank

The order in which I enjoy the songs from this album:

  1. She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos)
  2. Killer Queen
  3. Now I'm Here
  4. In the Lap of the Gods… Revisited
  5. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
  6. Dear Friends
  7. Lily of the Valley
  8. Stone Cold Crazy
  9. Misfire
  10. Tenement Funster
  11. Brighton Rock
  12. In the Lap of Gods
  13. Flick of the Wrist