Secret Agent Selection: WW2

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Secret Agent Selection: WW2, released on Netflix as Churchill's Secret Agents: The New Recruits, is a historic reenactment television show where several ordinary people are sent through simulated training taken directly from the pages of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) manual as they were done during World War II. This includes tests of physical fitness, survival skills, ingenuity, leadership, lock picking, Morse code, fire arms, hand-to-hand combat, and more. Agents are judged by former military officers, and, those who fail to meet their expectations are removed from the program. Mixed in with the progress of the agents are various historic facts about the SOE, its agents, and their successes and failures.



  • I love how the people in the show are always kept in 1940's attire and had 40s haricuts.
  • It's enjoyable watching the people make their way through the various tests and seeing how they cope with the hardships.
  • Seeing all the 1940s technology, like the wireless, the locks, and firearms is really interesting.
  • Learning about the SOE, especially the amount of courage it too to do the terrifying things they did, was very interesting.


  • Many of the tests seem a bit too simplified.
  • While I doubt it was planned, it was a shame to see all the non-white members removed from the show.


  • Nothing