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* [https://www.mobygames.com/game-group/robot-wants-series mobygames.com/game-group/robot-wants-series] - MobyGames.
[[Category: Universes]]
[[Category: Universes]]

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Robot Wants logo.

Robot Wants is a series of platform action adventure games where you play a robot who wants a particular object, and must fight through monsters and deadly terrain in order to reach it. So far, four games were released in the series, all of which were published in 2010. They're basically miniature Metroidvanias.

I found these games while searching for new Flash games to play. It must have been at the end of 2010 because Robot Wants Ice Cream had just been released. After I played it and beat it, I played and beat the three previous titles.


Released Title
2010-03-09 Robot Wants Kitty
2010-05-14 Robot Wants Puppy
2010-08-24 Robot Wants Fishy
2010-09-27 Robot Wants Ice Cream