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[[Category: Fighting Games]]
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[[Category: Beat-Em-Up]]
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River City Ransom is an NES beat-em-up by Technos.


I've beaten River City Ransom, maxed out a character, and hand-wrote out the results of every item in the game.


Overall: 6/10


  • The game has nice colorful cartoon graphics and good music.
  • Player controls are responsive and fluid.
  • The various moves you can learn really make the game more interesting as you go.
  • The animation in shops is hilarious, and the possible items are myriad.
  • The messages gang members say are hilarious.
  • There are a lot of great weapons to use.


  • The game is monotonous. You have to do a lot of grinding to get money to buying the items you need to become strong enough to defeat the later bosses.
  • It's pretty much impossible to guess what type of bonuses you'll get from items, and the manual doesn't list them, so you're forced to buy them all to find out.
  • The Frat Boys are in the wrong spot, they should be around the Homeboys and the Mob rather than down by the Generic Dudes.
  • The Javelin Man and Fatal Footsteps moves are not very useful.


  • Nothing.