Risk of Rain

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Risk of Rain is a 2-D platform shooter. Each game is essentially the same requiring the player to locate a portal on the map to reach the next map. As the player searches for the portal, enemies randomly spawn around the map, and killing them yields gold to open chests for upgrades. When the portal is found and activated, it releases a boss and a wave of rapidly-spawning enemies for a short while. After every enemy in the stage is killed, you can advance to the next stage. There are only seven stages before the boss stage, but you can repeat them as many times as you want to become more powerful. However, the longer you take, the more powerful the spawning enemies become.



  • There is a large variety of power-ups, most of which are useful.
  • The art work style is really interesting and the graphics are competently drawn.
  • The music and sound are very well done and fitting.
  • The multi-player is a wonderful bonus.
  • I like the charting, although, since there are obviously superior items and classes, it's mostly wasted.


  • A couple of the power-ups, and most of the items especially, are garbage.
  • All of the unlockable classes are more difficult to play than the commando. I have no real desire to try and beat the game with them, as everything is made slower or more difficult.
  • It's a little dull having to wander the stage and kill the last remaining enemies to advance, especially when you're vastly more powerful than they are.


  • Nothing.