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Rilo Kiley was an American Indie rock group that formed in 1998 in Los Angeles. The band began with the meeting of Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett and then added bassist Pierre de Reeder, and drummer Dave Rock. Rock was later replaced by Jason Boesel. The band released several albums and were on hiatus after 2009. They put together a final compilation album in 2013 before officially breaking up in 2014.

I have all of there albums excluding their first self-published demos. I was introduced to them by a fellow fan of Bionic Commando. It was at their first concert that I attended where I met my friend Kimberly.

I have a huge crush on the lead singer Jenny Lewis, including her looks, style, voice, and song writing abilities.


Released Title Own Notes
1999-??-?? Rilo Kiley No
2000-??-?? Rilo Kiley (Second Pressing) No
2001-??-?? The Initial Friend EP No
2001-07-31 Take Offs and Landings CD My booklet is signed.
2002-10-01 The Execution of All Things CD/Vinyl My booklet is signed.
2004-08-16 More Adventurous CD/Vinyl My booklet is signed.
2007-08-17 Under the Blacklight CD
2013-04-02 Rkives CD/Vinyl
2013-04-02 RKives: Rilo Kiley Demos Casette