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Rilo Kiley was an American Indie rock group. I have all of there albums excluding their first EP. I was introduced to them by a fellow fan of Bionic Commando. It was at their first concert that I attended where I met my friend Kimberly.

I have a huge crush on the lead singer Jenny Lewis, including her looks, style, voice, and song writing abilities.


Released Title Own Notes
1999-??-?? Rilo Kiley No
2000-??-?? Rilo Kiley (Second Pressing) No
2001-??-?? The Initial Friend EP No
2001-07-31 Take Offs and Landings CD My booklet is signed.
2002-10-01 The Execution of All Things CD/Vinyl My booklet is signed.
2004-08-16 More Adventurous CD/Vinyl My booklet is signed.
2007-08-17 Under the Blacklight CD
2013-04-02 Rkives CD/Vinyl
2013-04-02 RKives: Rilo Kiley Demos Casette