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Quintet's logo.

Quintet, known in Japan as (株式会社クインテット, Kabushiki gaisha Kuintetto [Share Company Quintet]) was a Japanese video game developer, best known for the ActRaiser series and several other action adventure RPGs. The company was founded in April of 1989 by Hashimoto Masaya and their name comes from a belief by the founders that there are five main tasks in the creation of a game: programming, planning, graphics, sound, and production. Quintet was most active in the early 1990s and most of their games were published by Enix. The company made or worked on a little over a dozen games before gradually disappearing. As far as I can tell, their last independent game was made in 1998, but they continued to co-develop games with other companies into the early 2000s. After that, they worked only on minor aspects of games with the last game bearing their credits in 2006. Their official web site went offline in 2008 and was later replaced with a completely different company with the same name, so, most likely, their copyright has lapsed, and, other than ActRaiser in 2007, none of their games have been re-released on virtual consoles.


The only game of Quintet's that I played when it was popular was Illusion of Gaia, and, at the time, I didn't pay attention to who developed games. Later, after hearing only good reviews for ActRaiser, I played and beat it, enjoying it very much. I still didn't know about Quintet until I began documenting these games for my site, and the name started to come up multiple times. Looking back on the company's work, Quintet is clearly one of the better SNES companies, with pretty solid games, however, many of them feel a bit inferior to what Square was putting out at the time. I haven't played any of their later games.


Here are some of the games Quintet created that are important to me.




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