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QuickBASIC is a BASIC programming language developed by Microsoft derived from their earlier GW-BASIC titles, and first released in 1985. It began simply as a BASIC compiler, but by its final version it had grown into a full integrated development environment (IDE) with compiler, linker, and extensive help and example programs. Several versions were released but the most popular release was 4.5. MS-DOS 5.0 and greater came with a crippled version of QuickBASIC 4 called QBASIC which didn't include the compiler or linker. QuickBASIC code compiled into machine code and could be run in 16-bit DOS without needing to include run times. The last official build of QuickBASIC was 4.5, but a version of 7.1 was released under the name Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System, although it was essentially the same program.

As Microsoft began to focus more and more on Windows 3, it ceased development for DOS-based programming languages and created Visual BASIC. Command-line BASIC continues to see some development with languages like FreeBASIC and QB64.

The majority of my formative programming learning was done using QuickBASIC. I have probably spent over 1000 hours playing around with QuickBASIC over the years, the majority of my time was spent writing games that I never finished.


  • Download (Info) - Several different versions of QuickBASIC and QBASIC.