Queen II

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Queen II is the second studio album by Queen.

The album has a white and black theme to it. The sides are labeled White and Black rather than A and B. Most of the tracks on the white side are the work of Brian May, and all of the tracks on the black side are Freddie Mercury's work. The white side contains the song White Queen, while the black side contains March of the Black Queen, though the two are unrelated. The cover art has mostly devoid of color, and the layout would later be used for the video to Bohemian Rhapsody. The black and white style stayed with the band for a few years later, and the cover art of A Night At the Opera and A Day At the Races both feature the dichotomy of white and black.

This is a much mellower album than the first, or any subsequent albums and features Freddie's first epic song, March of the Black Queen.