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Queen is a British rock band formed in London in 1971. They have been my favorite band since Middle School. The first album I ever bought was Sheer Heart Attack, and I have since purchase every single one of their studio albums and a whole bunch of live and compilation discs.

I never bothered listening to very much music in my teen years, so I only knew of two Queen songs, Bohemian Rhapsody and Killer Queen. While riding in a car with my mother one day, we heard Killer Queen on the radio, and this caused her to buy the pink-covered Queen's Greatest Hits CD. This was a catalyst for my addiction to Queen, and for a good portion of my teen years, I listened to Queen almost exclusively. I next got the blue Greatest Hits album as a gift, and then Sheer Heart Attack.


One of the things I especially like about Queen comes from the fact that each of the members is directly involved with creating new music. Unlike so many pop bands which either feature a single artist with an interchangeable band, or a vocalist who has musicians write songs for them, every member of Queen was talented enough to contribute new songs. This gives their music a much wider range of topics and different perspectives, and, with three vocalists, a much wider range of timbres.

Freddie Mercury died on 1991-11-24. John Deacon's last work with Queen was the song No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young) in October 1997 before retiring. he did not play on The Cosmos Rocks. Both Brian and Roger still play and produce music with the name Queen+. I saw Queen play live with Adam Lambert on 2014-06-19, and it was one of the more poignant moments of my life.


Studio Albums

Release Date Album Title Rating
1973-07-13 Queen
1974-03-08 Queen II 1,618
1974-11-01 Sheer Heart Attack 1,552
1975-11-21 A Night At the Opera
1976-12-10 A Day At the Races 1,217
1977-10-28 News of the World
1978-11-10 Jazz 775
1980-06-30 The Game
1980-12-08 Flash Gordon
1982-05-21 Hot Space
1884-02-27 The Works
1986-06-02 A Kind of Magic 1,468
1989-05-22 The Miracle
1991-02-05 Innuendo 1,091
1995-11-06 Made In Heaven 794


This is a list of some of my favorite Queen songs. For all their songs, see Queen Songs.