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Portal 2 is a first-person shooter puzzle game developed and published by Valve and released in 2011 for Macintosh and Windows and then ported to other platforms. Like the first game, you play the mute character Chell who ends up having to go through all sorts of portal testing sequences devised by GLaDOS.

Although I loved the first Portal game, I didn't buy Portal 2 until long after it had been released when it was on sale through Steam.


I own this game and have beaten the one-player story mode.


  • Overall: 8/10
  • Best Version: Windows


  • Like the first game, Portal 2 has an amazing story and it's utterly hilarious all the time.
  • The characters are fantastic. It's nice to learn more about the origin of GLaDOS and Doug Rattmann. And Wesley and Cave Johnson are both fantastic new additions.
  • The new mechanics including the surface paint, rebound and acceleration gel, water, light bridges, and gravity tubes are all really clever and fun additions.
  • The travel back in time down the pit is a really exciting story arc.
  • The two-player cooperative levels are a lot of fun.


  • It doesn't make sense, from a technological standpoint, for Aperture to have such amazing technology back in the 1950s, even surpassing that of what they have in the first game.
  • The physics for the portal gun being able to hit the moon, though fitting with the story, seems implausible.
  • The jokes about Chell's weight get pretty repetitive.
  • Some of the achievements are oddly made, and they missed the boat to award one in the stage where the emancipation grid is broken, and it's possible, though difficult, to bring a companion cube through.


  • Nothing.


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