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* [[Awesomenauts]]
* [[Awesomenauts]]
* [[Bioshock]]
* [[BioShock]]
* [[Borderlands]]
* [[Borderlands]]
* [[Limbo (video game)|Limbo]]
* [[Limbo (video game)|Limbo]]

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Original model PlayStation 3.

The PlayStation 3 is a seventh generation home video game console developed by Sony and first released on 2006-11-11, and the third console in the PlayStation line. The console uses Blu-Ray as its primary medium for games and can also play them as video discs. This was the first PlayStation in build-in the PlayStation Network for online social gaming.


By the time the PS3 came out, not that many of my friends were actively buying video game consoles any more, and I stopped long ago, so I have never even played a single game on the console.


I do not own, and have never even played a PlayStation 3.


Although I've never played a PS3, I have played the PC version of several games that were released on the console. These are games that are important to me. For the complete list, see the category.


I don't know enough about the console to review it.


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