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North American box art.

Pinball Quest is a video pinball game developed by Tose and published by Jaleco on the NES on 1989-12-15. The game simulates three more traditional pinball tables including "Pop! Pop!" which has a 50's rock 'n' roll theme, "Viva! Golf" with a golf theme, and "Circus" featuring a circus theme. These tables take advantage of the video game element and have features that would be impossible on a traditional pinball machine. However, the real thrust of the game is "RPG Mode" which is a pinball action adventure game with RPG elements where you play a ball that must rescue a kidnapped princess.


I first played this game after my cousin had borrowed it from a neighbor in the late 1980s. Having never been a big pinball fan, I wasn't really interested in the traditional three tables, but I was really interested in the RPG mode. We did pretty well and made it to the fourth section. Years later, using an emulator, I was able to beat the game.

I do not own this game, but I have beaten it.


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Best Version: NES

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • Making a pinball game into an adventure RPG may have sounded ridiculous in 1989, but it really worked, and I admire the risk Tose took.
  • They designers did a good job of incorporating the traditional fantasy RPG elements into a pinball game while still keeping it clearly a pinball game.
  • The three traditional tables, while not necessary, are a pleasant addition to the game.
  • Like any good adventure game, death doesn't mean starting over entirely from the beginning, so, even if your ball goes in the gutter, you just go back a screen and have to work your way forward again.
  • The addition of a store where you can purchase better flippers and stoppers, and even try to rob the place, was a nice addition.


  • For an adventure game, it's pretty short with only six tables.
  • Some of the bosses are pretty tedious and you end up going in the gutter far too often.
  • As far as adventure games go, this one has little replay value for me.


  • Nothing.


Box Art





Role Staff
Planner Katsuhiko Gen (Katsupro)
Programmer Ishizu, K.K, Hitoshi Banba (H.B)
Designer Art 13, Katsuhiko Gen (Katsupro)
Music and Sound Effects Akihito Hayashi (Hayashi)
Advisor Satoshi Matsushita (S.M)


Language Native Transliteration Translation
English Pinball Quest
Japanese ピンボールクエスト Pinboru Kuesuto Pinball Quest


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