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Pierre de Reeder, circa 2009.

Pierre de Reeder is a musician and producer for both music and film. From 1998-2013, he was the bassist of Rilo Kiley and also played keyboards and sung backup for several songs. He has also released a solo album, produced several albums, and worked on the first three solo albums of Jenny Lewis. He often goes by the name Duke.


I've met Pierre a couple times while he was touring with Rilo Kiley. He's always been very friendly.


With Rilo Kiley

Released Title Own Rank Notes
2001-??-?? The Initial Friend EP 2
2001-07-31 Take Offs and Landings CD 3 My CD booklet is signed.
2002-10-01 The Execution of All Things CD/Vinyl 1 My CD booklet is signed.
2004-08-16 More Adventurous CD/Vinyl 4 My CD booklet is signed.
2007-08-17 Under the Blacklight CD 5


Released Title Artist Own Rank Notes
2008-08-12 The Way That It Was Pierre de Reeder


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