Physics for the Rest of Us

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Physics for the Rest of Us

Physics for the Rest of Us - Hardcover - USA.jpg

Hardcover - USA.

Author Roger Jones
Published 1993-??-??
Type Non-fiction
Genre Educational
Themes Physics, Science
Age Group Adult

Physics for the Rest of Us is a popular science book by Roger Jones published in 1993.

The author attempts to explain various theories in physics using layman's terms while also showing how these theories have shaped human culture--I think it failed at this goal. While the science education is quite good, it does little to explain how something like quantum mechanics affects our everyday life outside of the obvious.


Own?Hardcover - USA.
Read?Hardcover - USA.

I bought and read this book to better expand my understanding of physics.





  • For most of the book, the author does a good job explaining the theories in terms I can understand.


  • Some of the theories, like quantum chromodynamics and the standard model of particles seemed glossed over and poorly explained. It would have been nice if the author spent a bit more time explaining their purpose or making analogies.
  • The author suggests that various creative movements like pointillism and modernism are the result of the artist learning about physics. This seems apocryphal, and no evidence was given to back it up.


  • Near the end of the book, the author goes off the rails and tries to use Stephen Jay Gould's awful non-overlapping magisteria argument, claiming that concepts like the soul, the metaphorical heart, and the miracles of religion are completely outside of the realm of science. Of course, anything that affects the natural world is in the purview of science, and he doesn't bother to give any evidence to suggest that the soul or miracles exist.