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US BluRay/DVD cover.

Peter Rabbit is a film adaption of the Peter Rabbit book series which was written by Beatrix Potter. The film was first shown in theaters on 2018-02-09.

Being a big fan of the Peter Rabbit books, I was pleased to see a film being made. I didn't watch it in theaters, but I saw it on Netflix. I was disappointed.



  • The movie has good voice acting.
  • There is a lot of action throughout the whole film.
  • I like how various illustrations by Potter are used throughout the film, and even copied in some of the action shots.
  • I enjoyed the inclusion of so many of Potter's characters.


  • The film takes huge liberties with the source material. The rabbit's mother is dead, Mr. McGregor dies, Beatrix is a character in the story, etc.
  • A lot of the point of Potter's stories was that mischief and disobedience has bad results, but the film mostly rewards the rabbits' bad behavior.
  • In the books, Peter and his family are children, but in the movie, they're more like teenagers. Likewise, the books are targeted for children, but the movie seems to target older kids.


  • Nothing, but I didn't care much for the film.



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