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PPKP icon.

PPKP, short for Punch Punch Kick Punch, is a beat 'em up video game published by toshihiro_app for Android and iOS in 2017.


I found this game while searching for a new game to play on my phone.


The game is free. I have not beaten it.



  • I love the Kunio-kun style graphics.
  • The game's music and sound effects are fitting and incorporate some 8-bit style sounds.
  • The various attack animations are enjoyable to watch.


  • There are a few graphic glitches here and there, but nothing obtrusive.
  • For some reason, the fire and ice attacks can't be doubled up on without wasting an attack in between.
  • I feel like there are too many special attacks to learn and upgrade. Even after you've learned electricity, wind, fire, ice, earth, demon, laser, and hadoken, you then have to buy two upgrades each, and level them over time. There are also leveling speed ups to buy as well.
  • There is a sometimes a lag bug when you get a gold exclamation point and punch an enemy into the air where, if you press the buttons fast enough, you will be able to hit the enemy thousands of times resulting in tens of thousands of gold (if you don't push it and crash the game). This helps speed the game along through some of its dull grinding, but it should really be fixed.
  • I'm not sure if it's my phone or how I tap the screen, but I miss button presses every 100 presses or so. Not enough to break the game, but enough to be annoying.


  • When you first begin the game, you expand fairly rapidly and unlock new power-ups, moves, areas, however, as the game progresses, you spend most of your time grinding the same enemies over and over again. It's extremely tedious and repetitive.
  • Like most pay-to-progress games, you can simply buy power-ups or watch ads to get power-ups making the game less of an experience and more of a product. Also, in order to keep the game fun for people who dump money into it, progress occurs much slower for those playing for free, which is very dull.
  • The end boss is far too difficult. It takes a little trial and error to even figure out how to reach him, and then how to hurt him, but, even when you know what to do, the timing needed to reflect his attack back at him have such a slim margin of error, it's extremely difficult to hurt him.