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Album cover.

Oceanborn is a symphonic power metal album and the second studio album by Nightwish. It was published on 1998-12-07. The music is mostly symphonic metal and many of the songs have a nautical theme which romanticizes early seafaring and exploration.


I learned about Nightwish after checking out the MySpace profile of a young woman I met at the Renaissance Festival with whom I was smitten by. She had them listed as one of her favorite bands, so I used Kazaa to download some of their songs, and the first one I listened to was Stargazers, which I immediately loved.

I do no own this album.

Track Listing

Track Title Composer Vocals Rank Rating
01 Stargazers Tuomas Holopainen Tarja Turunen 2 Rating-9.svg
02 Gethsemane Tuomas Holopainen Tarja Turunen 5 Rating-5.svg
03 Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean Tuomas Holopainen Tarja Turunen, Tapio Wilska 7 Rating-0.svg
04 Sacrament of Wilderness Tuomas Holopainen, Emppu Vuorinen Tarja Turunen 4 Rating-6.svg
05 Passion and the Opera Tuomas Holopainen Tarja Turunen 8 Rating-0.svg
06 Swanheart Tuomas Holopainen Tarja Turunen 1 Rating-10.svg
07 Moondance Tuomas Holopainen Instrumental 6 Rating-2.svg
08 The Riddler Tuomas Holopainen Tarja Turunen 9 Rating-0.svg
09 The Pharaoh Sails to Orion Tuomas Holopainen Tarja Turunen, Tapio Wilska 10 Rating-0.svg
10 Walking in the Air Howard Blake Tarja Turunen 3 Rating-6.svg

The album's total score is 850.

Later releases of this album contain the single Sleeping Sun as track 11.


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