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This is a list of the songs that I have become obsessed with for awhile. Okay, maybe obsessed is a bit strong of an adjective. I'm referring to songs that I start to listen to over and over for a about a week. During that time the song is running through my head at work, but after a few days they tend to become just another song in my collection, though with a bit more adoration than usual. In order to keep a record for which songs have ingrained themselves into my psyche, even if only for a few days, I'm keeping this list.

Date Artist Title
2012/11/20 Electric Light Orchestra Calling America
2011/11/29 Tim Minchin Thank You God
2011/09/02 Frank Turner Glory Hallelujah
2011/02/28 Ludo Love Me Dead
2010/12/29 Barenaked Ladies Bank Job
2010/06/08 Weezer Troublemaker
2010/02/08 The Sounds Midnight Sun