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[[Category: Song Theme - Romance]]
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[[Category: Song Theme - Separation]]
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Spanish single.

Now I'm Here is a hard rock song by Queen. The song was recorded in September of 1974 and was first released as track A6 on Sheer Heart Attack on 1974-11-01 and as the album's second single on 1975-01-17 with Lily of the Valley as the b-side, although one Japanese single included Keep Yourself Alive instead. The song on the single is identical to the album release. The song was very popular for the band and was include on compilations, and a frequent concert favorite. Several edits and live recordings have been released over the years.

The music and lyrics were composed by Brian May. Freddie sings vocals, backing vocals, and plays the Hammond organ. Brian plays electric guitar, piano, and backing vocals. Roger Taylor plays drums and various percussion and sings backing vocals. John Deacon plays bass guitar.

The song is about Brian's first American tour when Queen was the opening act for Mott the Hoople who is referenced in the song. "Peaches" is Deborah Vidacovich, who would later marry jazz drummer Johnny Vidacovich, and the "Dungeon" refers to a rock and roll bar on Toulouse St, near Bourbon Street, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Brain had a crush on Deborah during the tour, but their relationship ended prematurely in May of 1974 because Brian had been accidentally infected with hepatitis from a tainted needle while in the hospital. The lyrics clearly show that Brian was very smitten by Deborah and eager to get back to her. From how it's written, I presume the line, "don't I love him so?" is meant to be from Deborah's perspective, and possibly the whole second verse. The song It's Late is about Brian meeting Deborah years later.

When played live, Freddie would appear on one end of the stage and sing the line, "Now I'm here." Then, the lights would go off, and an identically-dressed stagehand would walk out on the other end of the stage, and the lights would go up to the lyric, "Now I'm there," giving the illusion that Freddie teleported across the stage.


I first heard this song on the 1992 Hollywood Records version of Queen's Greatest Hits, the one with the maroon cover. My mother bought it sometime around 1995. I really liked the song then, and I continued to like it later when I bought Sheer Heart Attack. The song is a fantastic example of British hard rock. It makes great use of the standard electric guitar, bass, and drums instrument trio, but is complex enough not to sound generic and the music is heavy, but never abrasive. I especially like the crescendo before the final portion of the song during the lyric, "Whatever comes of you and me, I'd love to leave my memory with you."

I frequently played Sheer Heart Attack when I played Doom II: Hell On Earth, and now, whenever I play level 12, I always think of this song. The same is true for Diablo, but, since the game is so random, I don't think of anything in particular about the game.


Here I stand. (Here I stand.)
Look around around around around around.
(Around around around around around.)
But you won't see me. (You won't see me.)
Now I'm here. (Now I'm here.)
Now I'm there. (Now I'm there.)
I'm just a...
Just a new man.
And she made me live again.

A baby I was when you took my hand,
And the light of the night burned bright.
The people all stared didn't understand,
But you knew my name on sight.
Ooh, whatever came of you and me?
America's new bride to be.
Ooh, don't worry babe I'm safe and sound.
Down in the Dungeon just Peaches and me.
Don't I love her so?
She made me live again, yeah.

Ooh, a thin moon me in the smoke screen sky,
Where the beams of your love light chase.
Don't move, don't speak, don't feel no pain,
With the rain running down my face.
Your matches still light up the sky,
And many a tear lives on in my eye.
Down in the city just Hoople and me.
Don't I love him so don't?
Ooh, don't I love him so?

Whatever comes of you and me,
I'd love to leave my memory with you.

Now I'm here. (Now I'm here.)
Think I'll stay around around around around around.
(Around around around around around around.)
Down in the city just you and me.
(Down in the city just you and me.)

Don't I love you so?

Go, go, go, little queenie.




Official video.
Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 1975.
Live at Wembley, 1986-11-07.
Top of the Pops.


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