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Nick Hornby, circa 2015.

Nick Hornby (born 1957-04-17) is an English author and film writer. His fiction writing is mostly about real world people and their relationships, but he occasionally introduces minor supernatural elements.


I learned about Nick Hornby after enjoying the film High Fidelity. Afterward, I bought, read, and loved the book. I've since read several other books by Hornby, and I've enjoyed them all, making him one of my favorite authors; though I've only read his fiction. Hornby's writing style is very enjoyable, and reading his work makes me feel happy. He sometimes talks about dark subjects, but he doesn't make me depressed, and his stories have fulfilling endings.



Title Published Rank Own?
High Fidelity 1995-08-30 3 US 1st edition, hardcover
About a Boy 1998-08-01 1 No
How to Be Good 2001-05-31 6 US 1st edition, hardcover
A Long Way Down 2005-06-07 2 US 1st edition, hardcover
Slam 2007-11-08 5 US 1st edition, hardcover
Juliet, Naked 2009-09-29 No
Funny Girl 2014-11-06 4 US 1st edition, hardcover
Just Like You 2020-09-29


Title Published Rank Own?
Contemporary American Fiction 1992 No
Fever Pitch 1992 No
31 Songs 2003 No
The Polysyllabic Spree 2004 No
Housekeeping vs. the Dirt 2006 No
Shakespeare Wrote For Money 2008 No
More Baths Less Talking 2012 No
Ten Years In the Tub 2013 No
Stuff I've Been Reading 2013 No


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