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* [[Atsushi Fujimori]] - Graphic artist
* [[Atsushi Fujimori]] - Graphic artist
* [[Tsugutoshi Goto]] - Musician
* [[Tsugutoshi Goto]] - Musician (Probably worked for Pony Canyon, not Newtopia Planning)

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Newtopia Planning (localized as ニュートピアプランニング) was a Japanese video game developer which seems to have existed from around 1987 to 1989. Every game they worked on was published by Pony Canyon, and all but one was an Ultima port. These facts lead me to believe that Pony Canyon created the development team in-house to handle the ports, and dissolved the team when they were finished. The company doesn't appear to have a logo. As far as I can tell, the company only worked on a single game that wasn't an Ultima port, but it was very similar to Space Harrier.

The first game I played that was made by Newtopia Planning was Ultima: Exodus on the NES. Many years later, after researching the Ultima franchise, I discovered that they were responsible for porting several of the games to Japanese home computers and consoles.


These are the Newtopia Planning games that are important to me.


This is a list of every game I could find that Newtopia Planning co-developed:

Released Platforms Title
1987-07-18 PC-9801, PC-8801, Sharp X1, MSX2, FM-7 Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
1987-10-09 Famicom, NES Ultima: Exodus
1987-12-26 Famicom Attack Animal Gakuen
1988-12-12 X68000 Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
1988-??-?? MSX2 Ultima: Exodus
1989-09-20 Famicom, NES Ultima: Quest of the Avatar
1989-09-24 PC-9801, PC-8801, MSX2 Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress
1989-11-21 PC-9801, PC-8801, Sharp X1 Ultima III: Exodus
1989-12-21 PC-9801, PC-8801, Sharp X1, MSX2 Ultima I: First Age of Darkness


Because Newtopia Planning always worked in conjunction with other companies, it's difficult to know which employees worked at Newtopia and which worked for the other companies. Of those who appear to have worked for Newtopia Planning, I appreciate the work of: