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Neutopia is a shameless The Legend of Zelda clone for the TurboGrafx-16.


I have beaten this game with full inventory and stats.


Overall: 4/10


  • Overall, the game is pretty fun. If I didn't know about The Legend of Zelda, I would probably even be impressed by it.
  • The graphics and sound are both quite nice.
  • The fire wand is a pretty creative weapon.
  • The ending is pretty cool.


  • It's basically a poor-man's Legend of Zelda. Most of what was ripped off isn't as good as Zelda.
  • Movement is a little clunky.
  • The perspective makes the hit detection seem weird especially when you take damage from or hit a tall or jumping monster in an area that you shouldn't, given the perspective.
  • Most of what the NPCs in the game say is useless or redundant.
  • The strongest sword, armor, and shield are creatively called "Strongest."
  • The wings and ring are rarely useful, and you get them as random drops even when you already have them.
  • Items and enemy bolts stop the fire wand, which is annoying.
  • In the later dungeons, the hidden areas not on the map are annoying to have to find with bombs that rarely drop.
  • Spike traps are differently colored in earlier dungeons, but are entirely hidden later on, leading to a lot of unavoidable hits.


  • Nothing really.