Neal Stephenson

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Neal Stephenson.

Neal Town Stephenson (born 1959-10-31) is an American author known mostly for his historical fiction and cyberpunk novels, but has also published several non-fiction works.

Stephenson is one of my favorite authors. The first book I read of his was Snow Crash which was lent to me by a friend who assured me I would like it, and I did. I have since read five of his books and enjoyed each them very much.


Title Year Opinion Own?
The Big U 1984 Not read No
Zodiac 1988 Good No
Snow Crash 1992 Good No
Interface 1994 Not read No
The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer 1995 Very good No
The Cobweb 1996 Not read No
Cryptonomicon 1999 Very good No
In the Beginning... Was the Command Line 1999 Not read No
Quicksilver 2003 Very good US hardcover, 1st edition
The Confusion 2004 Not read US hardcover, 1st edition
The System of the World 2005 Not read US hardcover, 1st edition
Anathem 2008 Not read US hardcover, 1st edition
The Mongoliad 2010 Not read No
Reamde 2011 Not read US hardcover, 1st edition
Some Remarks: Essays and Other Writing 2012 Not read No
Seveneves 2015 Not read No
The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. 2017 Not read No