Neal Stephenson

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Neal Stephenson.

Neal Town Stephenson (born 1959-10-31) is an American author known mostly for his historical fiction and cyberpunk novels, but has also published several non-fiction works.

Stephenson is one of my favorite authors. The first book I read of his was Snow Crash which was lent to me by a friend who assured me I would like it, and I did. I have since read six of his books and enjoyed each them very much.


Title Year Rank Own?
The Big U 1984 No
Zodiac 1988 6 No
Snow Crash 1992 4 No
Interface 1994 No
The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer 1995 5 No
The Cobweb 1996 No
Cryptonomicon 1999 3 No
In the Beginning... Was the Command Line 1999 No
Quicksilver 2003 1 US hardcover, 1st edition
The Confusion 2004 2 US hardcover, 1st edition
The System of the World 2005 US hardcover, 1st edition
Anathem 2008 US hardcover, 1st edition
The Mongoliad 2010 No
Reamde 2011 US hardcover, 1st edition
Some Remarks: Essays and Other Writing 2012 No
Seveneves 2015 No
The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. 2017 No