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The NES Max.

The NES Max is a video game controller for the NES. It was created by Nintendo and released in 1987 along side the NES Advantage. Instead of a traditional D-pad, the controller uses a sliding plastic disc called a cycloid. Even though the directional pad is still digital, the cycloid allows for smoother changes in direction. The NES Max also adds turbo buttons for the A and B buttons.

I never had a NES Max, but a friend of mine did. We would always fight over who got to use it, especially in games where the turbo helped a lot. However, because the raised surface of the cycloid hurt my thumb, I preferred to used the standard NES controller for games that didn't benefit from turbo.



  • The curved shape makes the controller very comfortable
  • Turbo buttons are always great to have, but the ones on the Max fired in harmony making it very easy to press A+B at the same time repeatedly (something that was much harder to do on the NES Advantage.
  • The controller just looks cool.


  • I never found the cycloid to be very helpful. Very few games on the NES require smooth directional transitions.
  • The sharp edges of the clycloid cause your thumb to hurt after prolonged use. In fact, many people mod the controller by replacing the cycloid with an analog nub.


  • Nothing.