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Mega Man logo.

Mega Man, known in Japan as Rockman, is a series of games, television shows, manga, and various other media. The original concept was created by Capcom with the video games, and it branched out into various other forms of media during the Nintendo craze.


I think my very first sight of a Mega Man title was from the July 1989 issue of Nintendo Power which covered Mega Man II. Later, I saw more about Mega Man II in the Consumer's Guide: More Nintendo Strategies book. This led me to ask my mother for the game for Christmas, and she bought it for me probably for the Christmas of 1989. Awhile after having the game, a friend lent us his copy of the original Mega Man, which I remember feeling a bit unimpressed with because it was so dull in comparison. I also remember my brother borrowing Mega Man III from a friend and being impressed with the new features with the buster, slide, and Rush. At a different friend's house, we got really far into the game, but never beat it. Later, in 1992, I bought Mega Man IV and enjoyed it too, but I started becoming frustrated with the series. It was partially due to the fact that each game was essentially the same, but also because of the annoying difficulty level. Unless you resort to spoilers, each game requires a lot of boring trial and error to determine a useful play strategy and then even more grinding to get good enough to survive. I was a big fan of the series for games 2-4, but, by the time I started seeing mentions for Mega Man V and Mega Man VI in Nintendo Power, I was no longer interested.


Video Games

There a dozens of games in the Mega Man universe, but these are the ones most important to me:


At least six different shows feature Mega Man. A movie was started, but cancelled before much work on it was made.

Books / Manga

Mega Man was featured in several manga, but I haven't read any of them.




If Dr. Wily Had An Assistant.
Boundary Break.


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