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Overall: 6/10
* '''Overall:''' 6/10
* '''Best Version:''' DOS

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North American box art.

Master of Magic can be summed up as Civilization with a high-fantasy theme. The overworld exploration takes place in a square grid, while combat takes place in an isometric grid.


I can easily beat the game on normal difficulty.


  • Overall: 6/10
  • Best Version: DOS


  • You can customize your character's starting magic affiliation and spell abilities.
  • The music, while pretty lo-fi, makes a very fine backdrop.
  • There is a very wide assortment of different units, races, and spells to keep things exciting.
  • You can recruit heroes who go up levels and can carry artifacts.


  • The AI has some pretty big flaws.
    • They build ships in tiny ponds.
    • Casters will often cast spells that don't help at all, like create mud on units behind walls.
    • Casters will cast non-stacking enchantments on units that already have them.
  • Heroes and champions are cool, but even at their highest levels and when fully equipped, they're often out-classed by powerful regular units.
  • The interface is well designed, but it's speed is a little clunky.


  • Nothing really.