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Mario Party is a board game played on the Nintendo 64 for 1-4 players.


I have beaten the AI on DK's Jungle Adventure. I have beaten all of the mini games. I usually do fairly well against human opponents.


Overall: 4/10


  • The idea of adding mini games to a board game is a lot of fun.
  • I like how you can use your game winnings to buy the mini games to practice.


  • The pacing of the game is too slow. While it's acceptable to have a lot of down time between turns in a board game, it's not as forgivable during a videogame.
  • Due to the randomness of the game, it's possible to win every single mini-game, and still lose the game.


  • The game really rewards randomness in the final star ceremony when a star is given for the player who landed on the most question mark spaces. It's possible to attempt to go for this star, but it usually requires taking undesirable forks, and even then, it's still pretty random.