Make Believe

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Make Believe

Weezer - Make Believe.jpg

CD - USA - 1st edition.

Artist Weezer
Published 2005-05-10
Type Studio
Genre Alternative rock, Emo
Themes Drugs, social status, relationships, friendship

Make Believe is the fifth studio album by Weezer and produced by Rick Rubin. It was released on 2005-05-10 and sold very well. The band started recording the album even before the release of their previous album, Maladriot. Many of the songs are return in style to the band's earliest albums with vulnerable emo style lyrics, but with a more accessible pop sound. The album was re-released shortly after its initial release because production errors were discovered in two of the songs.


My interest in Weezer waned after the success of their initial album, and, while I liked a song or two off each new album they released, I wasn't actively following them through the late 1990s or early 2000s. I'm pretty sure I downloaded the album shortly after it came out. This ended up being the only Weezer album where I like every song on the album, however, I don't find any of the songs to be exceptional. In my opinion, many of the songs are a little too repetitive in their choruses or too homogeneous with their sound to be really amazing. Many of them could have been great with a bit more complexity, but the album ended up just being okay. In 2007, when it was on sale, I bought the album.

I own this album on CD.

Track Listing

All songs written by and sung by Rivers Cuomo.

Track Title Rank Rating
1 Beverly Hills 1 Rating-6.svg
2 Perfect Situation 3 Rating-5.svg
3 This Is Such a Pity 12 Rating-3.svg
4 Hold Me 5 Rating-5.svg
5 Peace 10 Rating-4.svg
6 We Are All on Drugs 2 Rating-6.svg
7 The Damage in Your Heart 6 Rating-5.svg
8 Pardon Me 4 Rating-5.svg
9 My Best Friend 9 Rating-4.svg
10 The Other Way 7 Rating-5.svg
11 Freak Me Out 8 Rating-5.svg
12 Haunt You Every Day 11 Rating-4.svg

The album's total score is 188.



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