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The iMac G3, and early OS X PC.

Macintosh refers to a family of home computers created by Apple. For the purposes of this site, Macintosh Classic refers to those Macintosh computers which used Macintosh operating systems 1-9 while those computers using OS X and higher (post-1997) are described simply as "Macintosh." Macintosh computers always have a higher price tag than other computers of equal and even greater power, which continues to prevent the Macintosh from achieving widespread popularity. Apple has loosened its stranglehold on the Macintosh line a little, but hardware and software is still tightly regulated, so most applications and games are originally developed targeting a Windows platform, and then porting to Macintosh.

I have never owned a Macintosh computer or even used one very much. I have always thought of them as inferior computers.


The following is Macintosh software that is important to me.



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I don't know enough about Macintosh to properly review it.


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