Logitech F710

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Logitech F710.

The Logitech F710 is a wireless gamepad for personal computers which originally retailed for $50. Its button layout is that of a PlayStation 2 gamepad, but it has a more bulbous form like an Xbox controller. It has dual analog sticks, a digital D-pad, and a toggle button to switch between them. It also has 4 standard buttons, a start and back button, two shoulder buttons and two shoulder analog bumpers. It has vibration motors and a toggle button for them. It uses 2.4 GHz wireless and comes with a USB receiver and takes 2 AA batteries. It supports both XInput and DirectInput modes through a toggle switch on the back.

I bought this gamepad because I wanted to replace my old PS2 to USB converted which didn't have drivers beyond Windows XP, and it was rated high on Amazon. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew that it was wireless, but the name doesn't readily identify it as such. As with every other wireless device I've ever owned, its inability to keep a constant connection caused me to routinely die in my games or perform unwanted actions. After becoming too frustrated with it, I replaced it with the Logitech F310, a cheaper wired version.



  • It feels great in your hand. It has a nice weight, a rubber coating on the back and a smooth coating on the front, and is quite comfortable to hold.
  • The ability to switch between XInput and DirectInput makes it more versatile for older games.
  • The vibration works well for those games that support it.


  • Nothing.


  • The wireless cuts out frequently even when the wireless receiver is two feet away with a clear line of sight. When it cuts out, whatever buttons were being pressed will remain held for about two seconds. This makes action games impossible to play. You can still play games that don't require precision controller input like turn-based strategy games, but, even then, the frequent input problems will mess up your game.