Logitech F710

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Logitech F710.

The Logitech F710 is a wireless gamepad for personal computers which originally retailed for $50. Its button layout is that of a PlayStation 2 gamepad, but it has a more bulbous form like an Xbox controller. It has dual analog sticks, a digital D-pad, and a toggle button to switch between them. It also has 4 standard buttons, a start and back button, two shoulder buttons and two shoulder analog bumpers. It has vibration motors and a toggle button for them. It uses 2.4 GHz wireless and comes with a USB receiver and takes 2 AA batteries. It supports both XInput and DirectInput modes through a toggle switch on the back.

I bought this gamepad because I wanted to replace my old PS2 to USB converted which didn't have drivers beyond Windows XP, and it was rated high on Amazon. Unfortunately, its inability to keep a constant wireless connection meant it was only good for games that don't require reflexive input. I replaced it with the Logitech F310, which is a cheaper wired version.



  • It feels great in your hand. It has a nice weight, a rubber coating on the back and a smooth coating on the front, and is quite comfortable to hold.
  • The ability to switch between XInput and DirectInput makes it more versatile for older games.
  • The vibration works well for those games that support it.


  • Nothing.


  • The wireless cuts out frequently even when the wireless receiver is two feet away with a clear line of sight. When it cuts out, whatever buttons were being pressed will remain being held for about two seconds. This makes action games effectively impossible to play.