Logitech F310

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Logitech F310.

The Logitech F310 is a gamepad for personal computers which originally retailed for $36 as a discount version of the Logitech F710. Its button layout is that of a PlayStation 2 gamepad, but it has a more bulbous form like an Xbox controller. It has dual analog sticks, a digital D-pad, and a toggle button to switch between them. It also has 4 standard buttons, a start and back button, two shoulder buttons and two shoulder analog bumpers. It uses USB for its connector and supports both XInput and DirectInput modes through a toggle switch on the back.

I bought this gamepad to replace my Logitech F710 which had annoying wireless problems. It lasted for a little over a year before the right direction on the D-pad broke. After opening it, I found the problem was with the silicon membrane over the D-pad; it had broken down from wear and wasn't popping up correctly any more. I was able to swap it out with the one from my unused F710, which appears to be made of a higher quality silicon.



  • Its comfortable to hold.
  • The ability to switch between XInput and DirectInput makes it more versatile for older games.


  • My D-pad broke after a little over a year, and not even with very much play. That's a pretty short lifespan for a $36 controller.
  • In order to save money, the controller doesn't include vibration feedback, but vibration was pretty much expected when it came out.


  • Nothing.