Little Nemo: The Dream Master

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North American box.

Little Nemo: The Dream Master, known in Japan as パジャマヒーロー NEMO, Pajama Hiro Nimo, "Pajama Hero Nemo", is a platform action adventure game created by Capcom and first released on the NES in 1990. It is based on the film Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland which is based on the original Little Nemo In Slumberland comic strip.

I first saw this game in a television commercial on TV, and it looked really interesting. I think I saw it in Nintendo Power and other gaming magazines before playing it and kept being impressed by it. I even tried making a similar style game using Game-Maker. I first played it at my friend Chris's house and found it to be really hard. We never made it past level 2. Later, my brother and I borrowed the game and made it to level 3, which I don't think I've ever beaten. I've spent a fair amount of time hacking the game and recording the soundtrack, so I know just how difficult it really is and have no desire to try and get good enough to beat it.


I do not own the game, and have not beaten it.


  • Overall: 4/10
  • Best Version: NES


  • The graphics and animation are fantastic for an NES game.
  • The soundtrack is also amazing. The songs really fit the theme of each level and even stand well on their own.
  • The game play mechanic is really great. Being able to "ride" various beasts in the game and use their abilities was very creative.
  • The game has fantastic atmosphere. Each level has its own mood and color palette. From a multi-media stance, the game is well-honed.


  • Enemies respawn far too easily. If you go even a few pixels away from their spawn point and come back, another one will have spawned. The designers either should have put a delay on how frequently they respawn, or just kept track of them when they die.
  • It's nice to see characters from the film in the game, but they only play bit roles.
  • The game manual isn't very well-made. It doesn't talk much about the game, and the cartoon art is pretty bad.


  • The game is far too difficult to the point where it's more annoying than fun.
  • The dandelion seeds (float-fiends) are extremely frustrating to deal with.

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