List of video games I've almost beaten

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This is a list of video games that I have come very close to beating (usually to the end boss or similar), but could never finish. For most of these games, I gave up either because I simply couldn't overcome a specific obstacle, or I didn't find the game rewarding enough to continue. Contrast this with the list of video games I've beaten.

Game Notes
The 7th Guest In two separate occasions I solved all of the main house's puzzles except the microscope puzzle, so I couldn't get into the attic. Years later, I discovered that I needed to use the in-game hint book to "finish" the microscope puzzle, but I haven't had a desire to redo the game to get to that point again.
Bonk's Revenge (Game Boy) Made it to the end boss my first time playing, but got a game over. Found the play control to be so bad, I didn't want to play all of stage 6 again to beat him.
Dance Dance Revolution: Extreme I have beaten every song except Maxx Unlimited, The Legend of Max, and Paranoia Survivor Max on Heavy, and Paranoia Survivor Max on Oni.
The Fool's Errand Beat the majority of the puzzles, but came to a bottle neck near the end of the game where only around 3 or 4 puzzles were open, and I couldn't solve any of them.
Cosmo Police: Galivan I played a fan-translated version of this game and made it to stage 6 (the last level), but got so tired of grinding that I gave up.
Kirby's Adventure I made it to the second form of DeDeDe, but couldn't beat him, and didn't want to try any more.
SkyRoads I've beat all roads except The Earth stage 3, and Druidia stages 2 and 3.
Super Mario 64 I've collected almost enough stars to reach the final showdown with Bowser, but I no longer have my save game file, and I don't have much interest in the game anymore.
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link I've made it to the final cathedral, but couldn't reach the end boss.