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Product Country Notes
Better Made - Barbecue USA Good flavor, but too salty.
Better Made - Rainbow Old Fashioned Dark USA Cooked longer than usual, less salt, very delicious.
Better Made - Red Hot Barbecue USA Just as hot as regular BBQ, but with even more salt.
Better Made - Sweet BBQ USA Nice sweet BBQ flavor, better than the regular BBQ.
Better Made - White Cheddar Popcorn USA Good flavor, but not quite as good as Smartfood.
Burts - Mature Cheddar & Green Onion UK Thicker than American chips, but good flavor.
Calbee - Hot & Spicy Potato Chips Hong Kong Spicy with a mild fish flavor. Not horrible.
Doritos - Cool Ranch USA Corn chips with blue and red speckles. Good crunch and flavor, but they switched to "Cooler Ranch" and decreased the flavor.
Doritos - Cooler Ranch USA A less flavorful version of Cool Ranch.
Doritos - Nacho Cheese USA Corn chips with a bright orange cheese powder. Good crunch and flavor, but most of the flavor comes from salt.
Doritos - Spicy Nacho USA Slightly spicier the nacho cheese flavor, and slightly better.
Doritos - Spicy Sweet Chili USA Has a zesty sweet chili flavor. My favorite Doritos.
Fritos USA Crunchy corn chips cut into thin strips. Very good, but too salty.
Fritos - Chili Cheese USA Fritos with a dusting of a cheese powder and chili powder. Decent.
Fritos - Honey BBQ Flavor Twists USA Fritos twisted into spirals with a honey BBQ flavoring. My favorite Fritos.
Lays - Sour Cream & Onion USA Kind of bland. I would prefer a stronger onion flavor.
Lays - Sweet Southern Heat Barbecue USA A little bland at first, but has a mild heat to it.
Sun Chips - Harvest Cheddar USA Not a very good cheese flavor, and how can cheese have anything to do with the harvest?
Takis - Fuego USA Rolled corn chips with lime and chile pepper. Decent taste and actually hot.
Terra - Real Vegetable Chips - Mediterranean USA Deep fried slices of various tubers like taro, sweet potato, batata, parsnip, and yuca. Adequate flavor and crunch, but more starchy than potatoes.
Tostitos - Salsa Verde USA Corn chips with a salsa powder on them. Nice flavor, but it doesn't taste like salsa.

Cookies / Biscuits

Product Country Notes
Bahlsn - Choco Leibniz Minis Germany Miniature wheat cookies with a milk chocolate backing. Decent flavor, not too sweet.
Daelmans - Stroopwafels, Honey Holland Wonderful crun-chewy texture with a delicious honey waffle flavor.
Jacob's - Jaffa Cakes Ireland Mini sponge cakes with marmalade and chocolate coating. Pretty good, and not too sweet or bitter.
Juaninas Cookies Mexico Terrible. The jam-filled ones were hard, the butter cookies were powdery, and the box was missing one of the types listed on the assortment.
Jules Destrooper - Butter Crisps Belgium Thin hard waffles. Sweet buttery flavor, good crunch, a little boring.
Keebler - Coconut Dreams USA Ring-shaped cookies coated with caramel and roasted coconut and chocolate. Nearly identical to Girl Scouts Samoas.
Keebler - Grasshopper USA Mint chocolate cookies. Nearly identical to Girl Scouts Thinmints.
Keebler - Sandies Shortbread - Pecan USA A bland shortbread cookie with pecans. Not very good.
Lotte Koala's March Thailand Small four-pointed cookies filled with creme (chocolate or strawberry), with a koala painted on them. The creme filling is nice and the cookie has a good crunch, but it's a bit bitter.
Macarons de Pauline Belgium Rather dry and crumbly, mild flavor. Flavors are chocolate, strawberry, and pistachio.
Moon Pie USA Graham cracker cookie sandwich with marshmallow center, and the whole thing is coated in a glaze. Good flavor, but I'm not a huge fan of marshmallow. My favorites in order are chocolate, vanilla, then banana.
Fig Newtons USA Favorites are blueberry, fig, strawberry.
Oreo - Caramel Coconut USA Chocolate cookie sandwich filled with a caramel coconut cream. I can only taste the caramel, but I like it.
Oreo - Carrot Cake USA Filled with a spiced cream. Tastes like store-bought carrot cake, that is, far too sweet.
Oreo - Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie USA Graham cookie sandwich with half peanut butter, half chocolate creme. Kind of bland, not very good.
Oreo - Thins USA Less creme and thinner cookie portion. I actually like this better than regular Oreos.
Oreo - Thins, Dark Chocolate USA The filling is a more bitter chocolate cream. Not that great.
Oreo - Thins, Mint USA Adds a light minty flavor. I like this more than regular Oreos.
Oreo - Thins, Pistachio USA Very nice sweet nutty flavor. My favorite Oreo.
Pejoy Thailand Biscuit cylinders filled with cream. Flavors include cookies & creme and matcha. Good texture and more subdued flavors. The tea flavor is too mild.
Pepperidge Farm - Caramel Apple USA Soft chewy texture, good spiced apple flavor, not overpowering.
Pepperidge Farm - Verona USA Shortbread with strawberry jam. Jam is good, shortbread ruins them.


Product Country Notes
Honey Maid Graham Crackers - Cinnamon USA Nice graham flavor, and the cinnamon and sugar makes it effectively a cookie.


Product Country Notes
Alessi - Grissini al Sesamo Italy Long crispy bread sticks covered in sesame seeds. Good crunch, very light, nice sesame flavor.
Bhuja - Nut Mix Australia Mix of peanuts, cashews, peas, chickpeas, almonds, and fried noodles spiced with in Indian spice mix. Decent flavor, but the chickpeas and peas give it a dusty texture.
Cakebites - Classic Italian Rainbow USA Three-layer colorful almond cakes with separated by raspberry jam and dipped in dark chocolate. Decent flavor and texture, strong almond flavor, pretty good.
Club Minis Mix USA A mix if club crackers, pretzels, and cheese puffs. Bland, salty, and powedery texture. Threw it out before I even got halfway through.
Corn Nuts USA Corn kernels deep fried in corn oil and salted. A hard crunch that I love. My favorite is the original flavor. The ranch flavor adds some zest, but isn't as good.
Corn Nuts Crunch Mix USA Corn Nuts mixed with mini corn chips, corn puffs, and corn sticks. I don't like the corn puffs and the chips are very generic. I would prefer just Corn Nuts. I've only tried Fiery Hot, which is indeed hot.
Jayone - Sweet Crunchy Rice Snack South Korea Essentially a rice cake in tube form with more sugar. Bland and kind of messy to eat.
Meijer - Oat Bran Sesame Sticks USA Nice crunch and good flavor.
Meijer - Salted Pistachios (No shell) USA Not as enjoyable as eating them from their shells.
Pure Organic - Layered Fruit Bar USA Firm gelatin fruit bar. Flavor was pineapple passionfruit. Nice flavor and texture.


Product Country Notes
Cretors - Four Cheese Mix USA Nice cheesy flavor, but a bit salty.
Devon's Mackinac Island Popcorn Co. - Fruit Salad Candied Popcorn USA Candy-coated popcorn. Flavors include apple, banana, blue raspberry, cherry, grape, orange, and strawberry. Colorful and delicious.
Smartfood - White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn USA My favorite white cheddar popcorn.


Product Country Notes
Combos - Jalapeno Cheddar USA The jalapeno is immediately tasted, but, after that, it's mostly the bland taste of fake cheese, salt, and starch.
Dot's - Homestyle Pretzels USA Spicy and buttery pretzel rods. Very good.
Meijer - Pretzel Rods USA Blander, but less salty, than other pretzel rods.
Snyder's of Hanover - Pretzel Pieces - Hot Buffalo Wing USA Hard sourdough pretzels cracked into pieces covered with buffalo powder. Flavor is good and tastes similar to wings.


Product Country Notes
Bissli - BBQ Israel Kind of bland, not a very good BBQ.
Bissli - Pizza Israel Kind of bland, not a very good pizza flavor.
Calbee - Shrimp Chips - Yuzu and Black Peppet Thailand Fried wheat puffs with a very subtle shrimp, and yuzu flavor, with a black pepper after taste. A bit underwhelming.
Charras - DoniLokas - Chile Limón Mexico Nice tangy lime and spicy flavor, and the puffed wheat rings are light and airy with a great crunch. Strange after taste, and I don't care for the Jesus fish on the package.
Cheetos USA A fried crunchy corn puff with cheese powder. Far better than cheese puffs or cheese balls, but very artificial cheese flavor. As a child, I loved them, but now I find them too bland and prefer Flaming Hot Cheetos.
Cheetos - Cheddar Jalapeno Crunch USA Adds a hint of jalapeno to Cheetos. Not as hot as Flaming Hot Cheetos, and not as good of a flavor either.
Cheetos - Flaming Hot USA Same crunch as regular Cheetos, but the cheese is replaced with a sweet red chili powder. It causes a nice burn that slowly increases the more you eat. My favorite Cheetos flavor.