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This is a list of popular video games I don't like.

Title Notes
Nights Into Dreams Although the game's plot is good, and the music is enjoyable, it's still a racing game which requires you to do the same thing over and over again until you've memorized the track so much it becomes second nature. I don't find that very fun, and I think the characters and enemies look stupid.
Sonic the Hedgehog The game has a lot of really good platforming action, but, by locking the camera on the center of the screen, the player never sees enough of the stage to react to hazards, so the game's gimmick of running super fast through the stage is negated.
Super Mario 64 This game is certainly very creative and has a lot of fun moments, but the controls and camera totally ruin it for me. Even something as simple as walking in a straight line becomes an absolute shore as the camera pans around you, forcing you to adjust your direction, not to the environment, but to your view of the environment. You can nudge the camera, but only for a short while, and only when there isn't a wall to block it.