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Hard ciders are my alcoholic beverage of choice, and I'm always up for trying new flavors, so I've had many different ones. I was right at home while visiting the UK which had a large variety of ciders in every bar. Below are the flavors I've tasted and my opinions of them.

Brand Flavor Nation Notes
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple USA Decent taste, but unfortunately the bulk of bars in the USA have it as their only cider, so it's very over played.
Angry Orchard Easy Apple USA Less sweet than their crisp apple. I prefer it over their original.
Angry Orchard The Old Fashioned USA Adds cherry, orange peel, and bourbon for a more robust flavor.
Angry Orchard Rosé USA Made from red-fleshed apples for an slightly different flavor.
Angry Orchard Pear USA Too sweet. My least favorite of this brand.
Blake's Hard Cider El Chavo USA Habanero and mango flavor. It's interesting to have heat from the pepper, but I don't care much for the flavor.
Blake's Hard Cider Fido USA Raspberry, hops, and grapefruit. A sweet, but tart flavor, very delicious.
Blake's Hard Cider Lite, Classic USA Artificial sweet taste. Tolerable, but not enjoyable.
Blake's Hard Cider Lite, Berry USA Artificial sweet taste, but with berries. Pretty awful.
Blake's Hard Cider Lite, Mojito USA Artificial sweet taste, but with line and mint. Disgusting.
B. Nektar Zombie Killer USA Cider with cherry and honey. Not a fan.
Crispin Original USA Green apple with a hint of lemon and lime. Decent.
JK's Farmhouse Honeycrisp Haze USA An interesting flavor that is both dry, sweet, and sour as you drink it.
Redds Apple Ale USA Mix of beer and cider. Not that great.
Redds Apple Ale, Wicked USA Same taste as Redds, but with 8% alcohol instead of 5%. Gave me a headache.
Redds Blueberry Ale USA Mix of beer, cider, and blueberry. A bit sickly.
Redds Strawberry Ale USA Mix of beer, cider, and strawberry. A bit sickly.
Stella Artois Cidre Apple Belgium Very good crisp cider, not too sweet.
Strongbow Gold Apple England My favorite cider. Crisp semi-sweet taste.
Strongbow Orange Blossom England Adds a hint of orange for a delicious citrus flavor.
Strongbow Honey England Although sweeter, it's a tasty mild sweetness.
Strongbow Cherry Blossom England Adds a hint of cherry. Makes it a bit sweeter, but still a good flavor.
Virtue Cider Michigan Apple USA Semi-dry, great flavor.
Virtue Cider Brut USA Dry, great flavor.
Virtue Cider Michigan Cherry USA Cider with cherry added. Very delicious.
Virtue Cider Michigan Honey USA Added honey for a semi-sweet addition. Very good.
Woodchuck Granny Smith USA A more tart flavor.