List of crippleware

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Crippleware is a term used for free software that isn't fully functional unless you buy it. Demos and shareware are expected to be crippleware, but some software advertises itself as freeware, when in fact, it's crippleware. The following software is crippleware.

Software Notes
Agree Free DVD Audio Ripper Calls itself free, but once installed, you can't alter the settings or convert full discs unless you register. Tons of nag messages as you use it. Doesn't convert audio very well anyway. Doesn't remove itself entirely when you uninstall.
YouTube Like the web page, the YouTube app for Android and iOS has a ton of nag messages, however, unlike the web page, the YouTube app will stop playback when minimized. This makes it impossible to play music or other forms of audio and continue using your device, even if what you're watching only has audio.