List of animals I've lived with

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This is a list of all the animals I have lived with in my life. Over the years, we had dozens of fish, but they weren't important enough to me to remember.

Name Sex Breed Color Date Range Details
Buckwheat Female Siberian? Calico 198? - 1987 My aunt Diane's cat. She was aloof but pleasant. My mother and aunt lived together in Pontiac until 1987, we moved to Clarkston, she moved to Mayville. She took Buckwheat with her in the move.
Archibald Male Unknown Black and white 198? - 1987 A stray cat we took in in Pontiac. He lived in our house with our other cats. We didn't take him with us when we moved, and I have no memory if my aunt took him or not.
Stray Cat Male Unknown Solid gray 198? - 1987 Another stray cat we took in in Pontiac. He wasn't very friendly. Like Archibald, I don't know what happened to him after we moved.
Little Bit Female American Shorthair Tabby (gray and black) 198? - 1988 My father gave her as a kitten to my brother. She had kittens at a young age, and I got to see them right after they were born, but, tragically, they all died. Shortly after we moved to Clarkston (around 1988, but I'm not sure), I found Little Bit dead along the side of our garage.
Dabby Male Beagle Tri-colored 199?-1991 My siblings and I had often expressed interest in a dog, and my parents eventually got us Dabby. Dabby was an adult when we got him, and he was so incorrigible his previous owner (a hunter) didn't want him. He ran away a lot and wouldn't come when you called him, so we had to keep him on a chain at all times. My mother didn't want him in our house, so he remained in the backyard at all times. He was terrified of the lawn mower. When I was in sixth grade, he ran away and we never saw him again.
Bo Male Shepherd Black and white 199? - 199? A large long haired shepherd of some sort. He was a stray around my grandparent's house. After we were certain we'd never see Dabby again, my mother suggested we adopt him. He was a pretty even-tempered dog, and we brought him to We picked him up at my grand mother's house in Clarkston and kept him for awhile at our place. Weeks later, while visiting my grand mother, I confused my mother's request to "take him out" to mean let him go, and he never came back.
Max Male Retriever Mutt Gray and black 199? - 199? We got him as a puppy from a family that was giving away a litter. He was a sweet rascal, but after a short time, I found him in my parent's back yard, dead.
Pup E. Dog Male Golden Retriever Golden 199? - 199? We adopted him from the Humane Society because he seemed quieter than the other barkers. However, shortly after getting him home we discovered he was quite because he was sick. However, he survived his kennel cough and turned out to be a pretty noisy barker after all. Because my mother didn't want him in the house, he was kept outside on a run all the time, even though the winter. My siblings and I didn't go out very often to see him, or walk him much, and, in retrospect, I'm ashamed at how badly we treated him. When we did take him for walks, he had a lot of energy, and I could even tie him to my bike and he would pull me for hundreds of yards. He had a very thick coat, and brushing him was a full-time job. His hair came out in clumps when he shed his winter coat. He was very difficult to train, and we were only ever to get him to shake and sit. Despite being a retriever, he never wanted to bring thrown balls back! He would occasionally get off his chain and run away and wouldn't come when called (although, I don't blame him for being locked outside all the time). One time he ran away and made it all the way to Waterford (about 5 miles away)! Sadly, the last time he ran away, he had backed out of his collar, and we never saw him again.
Lucy Female American Bully Mix Rust and white 2014 - Emily and I adopted Lucy from a rescue group as a present for Emily's 31st birthday. Lucy is a mutt but predominately looks like an American pit bull terrier, but is smaller than the breed standard. Lucy is very energetic and gets plenty of walks and toys to play with. She is an inside dog and sleeps in bed with us. She loves to sniff and lick our daughters and is protective of them as though they were her own puppies. She's been easy to train and can sit, shake, lay down, roll over, wait, high-five, and stand on command. She's still terrible to control when other dogs are present because she wants so badly to play with them that she gets over excited. She's extremely friendly around people, but she lives up to her bully breed by trying to be the most dominant when other dogs are around.